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This information was prepared by the Adena PTO and is not endorsed by Adena or any Lakota Schools.
NOTE: Please pay attention to pickup times. Pickup time is
4:20 PM for most classes. If a child is not picked up within 15 minutes of the scheduled dismissal time, the adult should compensate the instructor appropriately; $5 minimum for every 15 minutes is suggested.
NOTE: Class dates with “(NO!)” after them are weeks that are SKIPPED, due to conflicts.
NOTE: If a class is cancelled due to weather, instructor illness, etc., the class will be made up on the “backup” date. Please pay close attention to the backup date.

Advanced Robotics            Friday 3:20-4:20                 $99/6 weeks
Students assemble and compare the range and precision of two different catapults. They will each assemble their individual wooden projectile launcher, which will be theirs to keep. Additionally, with a partner they will test a robotic throwing arm they will design using LEGO® Mindstorms® robotic kits. They will learn advanced techniques as they construct code on a laptop to vary the motor power of their robotic throwing arm. Teamwork will be emphasized as we LAUNCH IT and LEARN!

(Note: Sorry, students do not keep the materials from the robot kits as these expensive kits are reused in subsequent classes. If parents wish to purchase a LEGO Mindstorms robotics kit, LEGO robotics kits are sold online at for $412.)

Class is open to grades:

Make checks payable to:  Opportunities for Kids, LLC

Instructor: Jean Bolte

Art Spark for Creative Kids Wednesdays 3:20-4:20   $100/6 weeks
Spark your child's imagination with ceramics, canvas, wood and clay! This class will provide students with a fun environment to explore and express their creativity with wood, ceramics and canvas. We will also learn basic clay techniques while creating a hand built clay project that will be glazed and fired. The instructor is a past elementary school teacher and long time substitute teacher in Lakota Schools. She currently manages The Pottery Place Liberty, a paint your own pottery studio, in Liberty Township. For any questions about the class, please contact Mary Ann Ramhap at 513-755-0857.

Make checks payable to: The Pottery Place

Kidz Home Alone        Thursday 3:20-4:20     $77/ 2 weeks

NOTE Time! 3:20PM-5:20PM

Would your child know what to do if they have forgotten their house key?  What if they are home alone and they are choking? Our Kidz Home Alone class will give you and your child peace of mind when home alone. As creators of this class, we thought of every home alone scenario possible, and provide solutions for all of those ‘what-if’s”.  This course is designed to teach your child about being home alone safely. An informative parent guide is included in the student manual and provides an avenue for discussion between parent and child.  This engaging and interactive class is fun and includes guest speakers from the local Police and Fire Departments (when available).

 Class is open to grades:

Make checks payable to:  Enriching Kidz

Instructor: TBD

Go Cars Go       Tuesday 3:20-4:20 $99/6 weeks
​On your mark! Get set!  Make your cars go!!!!  Calling all engineers and designers!  We need you to help think, design, create and test several toy cars that can move without the push or pull of human hands!  Are you up for the challenges?  We are!  You will make vehicles powered by rubber bands, fans, alka seltzer, and balloons!  Everyone will discover how various vehicles perform on different surfaces and how far they can travel.  Parents-Your budding engineers will apply concepts covering energy and forces as well as using measurement tools and recording results using the engineering design process!  

Class is open to grades: 3-4

Make checks payable to:  Cathy Cepress for $99

Instructor: Cathy Cepress

Speed and Agility                Monday 3:20-4:20       $90/6 weeks
Speed/Agility Class is designed to help young athletes learn proper running and cutting mechanics. Proper form will help them succeed on their playing field. These movements are also great for general fitness and overall health. 

Class is open to grades: 3-6

Make checks payable to:  Explosion Fitness or Emily Miller

Instructor: Emily Miller

Chess Scholars          Monday 3:20-4:20              $96/6 weeks
Develop your child's intellect through the royal game of chess! Current research has shown a strong link between chess and academic performance in a variety of areas, including mathematics and language arts. Also, chess has been proven to enhance children's motivation, concentration, focus, social skills, and creativity. No previous knowledge of chess is necessary. Each class will consist of a fun, interactive teaching period and guided practice time. Both beginner and experienced players are welcome and will get to the next level under the guidance of an experienced Chess Scholars coach. There will also be a chess competition with prizes at the end of the session!  

Class is open to grades: 3-6

Make checks payable to:  After School Enrichment Solutions

Delicious Designs Cookies           Wednesday 3:20-4:20             $80/6 weeks
Students will enjoy learning new skills for decorating cookies and other confections that will become works of art that are (almost!) too good to eat. We will build on techniques learned to create beautiful projects that can be shared with family. Themes will change weekly and students will have a great time while learning and creating. Students will also decorate an apron that is theirs to keep at the end of session. Every week students will go home with cookies to enjoy and share with their family. For questions about this class, please contact Arin Singer-Bonk at 513-490-7221 or or on Facebook (Delicious Designs Cookies).

Class is open to grades: 3-6

Make checks payable to:  Delicious Designs Cookies

Class dates:  

Instructor: Arin is the owner of Delicious Designs Cookies, located in Olde West Chester. She creates custom cut-out cookies for special events and occasions and loves coming to Adena for after-school programming. She enjoys teaching children fun skills to make their creations special. Arin lives in West Chester and her two sons attend Lakota Schools.

Let's Build It Thursdays 3:20-4:20 $96 / 6 weeks
Chain Reactions: Ready, Set, Roll: See the laws of motion at work in this thrilling, hands-on course. Both new and returning participants are welcome. Students will construct machines, like the Heavyweight Hammer and the Spin-o-Matic, and then combine them to create exciting chain reactions! Each week, the chain reactions will become more complex with the introduction of new machines. The projects will afford students the opportunity to delve into concepts such as force, gravity, velocity, types of energy, and balance. At the end of the session, students will be challenged to create the Ultimate Chain Reaction by working cooperatively to see how many machines they can incorporate. No previous experience is necessary, just a desire to learn and build. Each participant will receive an award on the last day of the session and have the opportunity to earn Energy Belts by demonstrating their learned skills!  

Make checks payable to:  After School Enrichment Solutions

Midwest Cheer Elite Thursdays  3:20-4:20           $85 / 6 weeks
Cheer FUNdamentals establishes a FUN, technique centered path for new cheer athletes! It is a great introduction to All-Star Cheerleading! Athletes will learn basic motions, tumbling, jumps and routine components over the weeks in the after school program!

Make checks payable to: Midwest Cheer Elite

Pottery Wheel 101 Tuesdays 3:20-5:20 $83 /2 weeks

NOTE Time! 3:20PM-5:20PM

This class includes the introduction to the basic use of the pottery wheel as well as basic hand-building techniques. This is a great opportunity for students to receive hands on experience. Classes on the pottery wheel emphasize technical, personal and individual development for future abilities in the art world. Students will each complete a small pot on the pottery wheel and at least one other item using hand-building techniques. All artwork will be glazed by the student and fired. All supplies are included. Students will learn: ​
  * Wedging  
  * Centering  
  * Pulling  
  * Slab-Building  
  * Coil-Building  
  * Pinching  
  * Glaze Decoration  
  * Understanding of Firing Techniques  

Class is open to grades: 4-6

​Make checks payable to:  Enriching Kidz

Classes marked with a * are pending due to the instructor background check approval.